Ironic Spam

Okay so I get this email from Zone Labs this morning.

Subject: Virus Alert: Trojan Storm (Trojan.Peacomm)

There has been a recent surge in email spam containing the threat known as Storm Trojan Worm (Trojan.Peacomm) which is quickly becoming the largest threat of 2007.

Severity: High Risk

When the Trojan Storm executable file is downloaded, the code installs a rootkit that disguises the malicious program. From there, the machine is remotely hijacked by a type of botnet, peer-to-peer network, only to be exploited later to steal personal data or to use the computer to post spam.

Your free ZoneAlarm Firewall will not protect you from the Trojan Storm. The only ZoneAlarm products that will protect against this worm are ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite and ZoneAlarm Antivirus.

If you upgrade to ZoneAlarm Security Suite, you will be completely protected from this harmful threat as well as other future infections. Since we are concerned about your security, we are offering our complete ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite for $39.95, a 20% savings.

Upgrade to ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite for only $39.95

ZoneAlarm Steps & Tips
– Keep antivirus & anti-spam protection updated
– Do not open any unknown emails
– Do not click on any unknown email attachments or links

This line got my attention: “…or to use the computer to post spam.”

Hold on one second, did you just spam me to warn me of a virus that sends me spam? How do I know you are not using that very virus to send this email. Hmm, conspiracy theory anyone?