Is it an animal? Is it a sheep? No it is a computer.

What can I say?

Whilst this computer may look like a terrible genetic engineering accident, it is actually a fully working linux machine which has never let me down.

Processor: A legendary Pentium II MMX @ 300MHz
Memory: A whopping 160mb
Hard Disk: 5,202,548,000 bytes of storage [5.2 gig]
Operating System: Linux slackware, 2.4.20 Kernel

The machine has everything [52x cdrom, hard disk, motherboard, psu] all encased in a highly technically architectured Selleys No More Gaps case. Somewhat shoddily too I might add, the architect severely lacked an eye for detail, oh well shit happens.

A Fantastic machine for coding [was used for C++, Java, Ruby, Perl], web serving [has an ancient version of apache installed] or just for putting on your mantle piece and impressing visitors who can’t work out what the f__k it is, or why you would ever want it.