JOGL Rocks!

For the past few weeks I have been thinking seriously about heading back to uni to complete my honours degree.

Currently some of the team in Computer Science at Massey have been playing with JOGL.

I had a look at it the other day but didn’t get very far. Well tonight I decided to really get my hands dirty.

And it rocks! Im currently seeing if I can convert my traffic simulator to JOGL.

Will keep this blog posted on updates.

Day Eight: Ruapehu Take Two

Because of some changes in plans I got to go skiing for a second time!

Don’t be fooled by the nice photos below the day started in much worse weather.

I left Wanganui at 6.30am to drive to Ruapehu and I arrived just before 8.30am. The weather was average to terrible driving up to the mountain. Snow in lots of places (not as bad as a week ago though) and lots of rain.

When I got to the base of mountain the upper mountain lift facilities were on hold. Because of this I decided to wait at the bottom of the mountain for an update on their opening status. This wait lasted almost a whole hour before I decided to head up the road at 9.20am.

In my hour of agony and dilemma I came very close to heading around to Turoa as it had more facilities open then Wakapapa. I was lucky that I didn’t though because it was only open for two hours before the weather packed in and closed the ski field.

Anyway back to the story. Like last week the road up to the ski field was closed unless you hired chains for your car. Chain hire costs $25 and there was quite a queue of cars waiting for chains to be fitted. I paid for my chains at 9.20am and then waited until 9.40am for them to be fitted. At 9.30am while I was waiting, and after I had paid, they decided to open the road up until Day Park 10. But no because I had already paid for chains I still had to get them fitted and go up the now open road on them.

This was a minor pain in itself but never mind chains are very helpful on mountain roads and because I was on chains I would be able to go to one of the higher and closer car parks when I got up the mountain. Sweet! However, when I got up the mountain I was directed to park at Day Park 10 despite having chains and arguing with the parking attendant. (I was told later he was wrong and I was right.) I was not happy about this for two reasons. The first is that I was made to hire chains that I did not need, and secondly I was forced to park low down on the mountain just because I was 2WD and the parking attendant was blind to the fact I had chains on!

Anyway. I couldn’t be bothered waiting for a bus so I walked the kilometer or so up the road to the Top of the Bruce. Here I hired gear and passes. The upper mountain was still on hold so they were only selling lower mountain passes. GRRRR I thought. By this time the weather had cleared a lot. After getting my gear sorted I headed out to head up to the top of the lower mountain. Well I ended up in a queue for this chairlift for close to 45mins! By this time it was approaching 11am! Yes I had been on the mountain for over two and a half hours and I hadn’t even got to go skiing yet.

When I finally got onto the chairlift they decided to open the Upper Mountain. When I had purchased the lift passes they had told everyone if the upper mountain opened everyone would have to go back and pay more. However, everyone on the mountain, including myself just headed for the upper mountain lifts without the extra passes. We had had enough waiting! There were at least 100 of us wanting to go higher up the mountain and it was not our fault they hadn’t sold us the right passes so thankfully the ski field operators saw the sense in letting us go higher!

After all this the weather cleared and the skiing was great. I skiied for just under five hours and now two days later I am still paying the pain for it. Sore legs, knees, bruised side and motion sickness is still mucking about with my sleep. But it was great. And fully worth it. Except for the chains!

Check out the reflection in the goggles. Nothing but snow and sky!

Note to self: When taking photos remember to smile!

To go off the edge or not. That is thy question.

Snow. Snow and more Snow!

Defend the Defenseless

Psalm 82:3-4a

“… You’re here to defend the defenseless, to make sure that underdogs get a fair break;
Your job is to stand up for the powerless, …”

(The Message)

The Difference is Clear – Olympics Hi Def vs Std Def

The following two images have are screen shots from Mediaportal.

The first image is Freeview DVB-T TVNZ Sports Extra which is broadcast in standard def.

The second image is Freeview DVB-T Tv One which is broadcast in HD Ready def.

The difference in the colours and the depth/quality of the picture is quite amazing.

No need for all the marketing hype this is the real user test showing the very clear difference.

Close Up/Side by Side view of score display in standard def and high def.

Dreamweaving in Vista

Two months ago I got a new computer running Windows Vista Home Premium.

Despite all the warnings about old programs not running, I had no issues with any application, except Macromedia Dreamweaver MX 2004 which would just crash on loading.

When I first got the system I spent around half a day trying to work out how to get it work. But I was unsuccessful.

Yesterday I was loaned a copy of Dreamweaver 8 to use until I went back to full time study next year and get CS3. However Dreamweaver 8 had exactly the same loading issue as 2004.

Now I know that MX 2004 is not supported or expected to run in Vista but 8 is meant to.

So out comes the google searches. I eventually narrowed the problem. Software conflict.

Yep, all of you out there using an Acer Computer will probably have a program installed called eData Security. It will run by default at start up. I never use the program (it is designed for file encryption).

To get Dreamweaver to run just uninstall eData Security and voila Dreamweaver MX 2004 and 8 will run.