Dreamweaving in Vista

Two months ago I got a new computer running Windows Vista Home Premium.

Despite all the warnings about old programs not running, I had no issues with any application, except Macromedia Dreamweaver MX 2004 which would just crash on loading.

When I first got the system I spent around half a day trying to work out how to get it work. But I was unsuccessful.

Yesterday I was loaned a copy of Dreamweaver 8 to use until I went back to full time study next year and get CS3. However Dreamweaver 8 had exactly the same loading issue as 2004.

Now I know that MX 2004 is not supported or expected to run in Vista but 8 is meant to.

So out comes the google searches. I eventually narrowed the problem. Software conflict.

Yep, all of you out there using an Acer Computer will probably have a program installed called eData Security. It will run by default at start up. I never use the program (it is designed for file encryption).

To get Dreamweaver to run just uninstall eData Security and voila Dreamweaver MX 2004 and 8 will run.

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