Final NZ Election Results

The final results of the November 8 election were released this afternoon after the 250,000 special votes were counted.

In the end National lost one MP and the Greens gained one MP. Labour were only 40 votes off getting another MP and National lossing a second MP.

Party Election Night % Special % Diff Final % Change
National Party 45.45 40.61 -4.84 44.93 -0.52
Labour Party 33.77 35.82 2.05 33.99 0.22
Green Party 6.43 9.13 2.70 6.72 0.29
ACT New Zealand 3.72 3.04 -0.68 3.65 -0.07
Mäori Party 2.24 3.62 1.38 2.39 0.15
Jim Anderton’s Progressive 0.93 0.68 -0.25 0.91 -0.02
United Future 0.89 0.74 -0.15 0.87 -0.02
New Zealand First Party 4.21 2.90 -1.31 4.07 -0.14
The Bill and Ben Party 0.56 0.54 -0.02 0.56 0.00
Kiwi Party 0.51 0.80 0.29 0.54 0.03
Aotearoa Legalise Cannabis Party 0.36 0.76 0.40 0.41 0.05
New Zealand Pacific Party 0.33 0.65 0.32 0.37 0.04
Family Party 0.33 0.48 0.15 0.35 0.02
Alliance 0.08 0.07 -0.01 0.08 0.00
Democrats for Social Credit 0.05 0.04 -0.01 0.05 0.00
Libertarianz 0.05 0.04 -0.01 0.05 0.00
Workers Party 0.04 0.04 0.00 0.04 0.00
RAM – Residents Action Movement 0.02 0.02 0.00 0.02 0.00
The Republic of New Zealand Party 0.01 0.01 0.00 0.01 0.00

It is interesting to note the large differences between the election night results and the special votes.

Overall National lost 0.52% of the total votes once the specials were included. The majority of this was transferred to Labour (0.22%) and the Greens (0.29%) who gained. What is more interesting is the party vote % of only the specials.

If the specials were the election results (i.e. the Nov 8 votes didn’t count) the make up of the government could be quite different.

National polled 4.84% lower, Labour 2.05% higher, Greens 2.70% higher, Maori 1.38% higher. It is interesting to note that those who casts specials – i.e. those away from home, or overseas appear to be more left leaning then the majority of the country.

After running some more calculations this is how the results would of ended up if only specials counted. As you can see the overhang is gone. And the Maori Party becomes the King Maker. We could have had a Labour Government back.

Party name Party Votes won Party seat entitlement Actual Result
Act New Zealand 3.04% 4 5
The Greens 9.13% 12 9
Jim Anderton’s Progressive 0.68% 1 1
Maori Party 3.62% 5 5
New Zealand Labour Party 35.82% 45 43
New Zealand National Party 40.61% 52 58
United Future New Zealand 0.74% 1 1
Totals 93.64% 120 122

National Government: Nat 52 + Act 4 + UF 1 + Maori 5 = 62/120.
Labour Government: Lab 45 + Prog 1 + Greens 12 + Maori 5 = 63/120

The funny thing is the special votes seem to more accurately reflect the polls in the lead up to the election then the actual election result.

Top 15 Christian Albums

Jesus Freak Hideout have got their writers to each list their 15 favourite albums of all time.

It is pretty cool, check it out here:

Which made me think. If I could only have 15 albums from my collection what would they be?

So in no particular order, and I limited myself to only one album per band my list is:

Audio Adrenaline – Until My Heart Caves In

This was Audio A’s last original studio release. And it rocks. Opening up with Clap Your Hands, and featuring King, Starting Over, Are You Ready For Love, Undefeated and Losing Control it rocked from start to finish. Easily one of my favourite albums.

Delirious? – Access:D

Access:D was a great live album from the D boys. Featuring all the hits from the Cutting Edge era and more recent Touch material it was a great two disc live collection that really defined what it means to be a fan of Delirious.

Eight – Unfinished

Eight are a local Kiwi band, or were. Unfinished was released after the band went their seperate ways. Openning up with Build a 7 minute instrumental really does Build the album. Featuring Depends and Fall Apart the album really shows the beauty of Eight a very well polished band and album.

Jeff Deyo – Surrender

I really coundn’t leave this album of the list. I was front row at Parachute 2005 where it was recorded live. Other then the personal connection to the album it is a great collection of modern worship songs such as Let It Flow, Be Lifted Up, More Love More Power, Nothing Less Than All Of Me and Bless The Lord.

Kutless – Hearts of the Innocent

The highlight of this album is Winds of Change a beautiful rock song. But like almost all the other albums on this list it the entire album rocks. Million Dollar Man is a great description of our modern lust for greed.

The Lads – Lost at Sea

We all said it was okay to live our own way without God. The Lad’s late 1990s album Lost at Sea is powerful because it successfuly blends punk/pop rock with songs about God and life. The highlight of this album is the ballard Ode To Joy. A must have.

Lifehouse – No Name Face

Your all I want, your all I need, your everything. Lifehouse’s No Name Face album is fantastic. It contains a large amount of spiritual metaphors mixed into a mainstream rock album. Hanging by a Moment was the most requested radio single of 2001 in the United States and propelled the band to stardom.

Newsboys – Adoration

The Newsboys’ worship project is one of their best albums. Opening with He Reigns and containing a live version of It is You the album is exactly what it says it is, A worship album.

OneRepublic – Dreaming Out Loud

OneRepublic are a lot like Lifehouse sucessful at mixing God and the mainstream. My favourite song is Dreaming Out Loud which at first listen is a very confussed song, but on more indepth thought it contains many powerful metaphors about God and Church.

Paul Colman Trio – New Map of the World

The Paul Colman Trio was one of the best bands that never quite made it. Turn featured heavily on World Vision ads and helped the band get airplay on Christian Radio. The best song on the album is Killing Tree closely followed by Selfish Song.

Rapture Ruckus – I Believe

The third homegrown artist on my list. Rapture Ruckus has been very successful in proving you can have rap without having the negative images that go with it. A nice album with a powerful message.

Skillet – Alien Youth

Choosing what Skillet album to add to this list was hard. In the end Alien Youth was settled on because of the dynamic songs on the album such as Alien Youth, The Thirst is Taking Over and Will You Be There.

Thousand Foot Krutch – The Art of Breaking.

If you haven’t heard the song Hurt go and listen to it now. This album is brilliant at showing the success of christian rock, being well polished, clean and simply great!

TobyMac – Alive and Transported

Probably the best live album I own. Alive and Transported features all of the best songs from TobyMac and DC Talk, the lead in for Jesus Freak is fantastic.

Tree63 – Tree63

Tree63’s debut album is their best. Features: Joy, Look What You’ve Done, 1*0*1. Brilliant, just Brilliant.

What to do on a sunny Saturday?

Go for an epic car trip.

Auckland – Marsden Point – Whangarei – Doubtless Bay – Kaitaia – Auckland

710km+, 10+ hours driving.

And enough hills to test your stomach. Check out this section of State Highway One through the Mangamuka’s, brilliant way to test out your power steering.

Brainy children ‘likely to vote Green’


Cleverer children are more likely to vote for the Green Party or the Liberal Democrats in a general election than other parties when they become adults, research suggests. The study, by the University of Edinburgh and the UK Medical Research Council and published in the journal Intelligence, indicates that childhood IQ is as important as social class in determining political allegiance. The IQs of more than 6,000 subjects were recorded at the age of 10, before any secondary schooling. Twenty-four years later they were asked about their voting habits.

The debator in action.

Well I am having issues getting the video online, but here are two stills from a debate I was involved with earlier today. I hope to have the full video online in the next day or so.

Update One: The transcript of my speech as delivered is below. My scripted speech was 571 words long. Once it had rebuttal added in and some ad lib on the front it became 916 words when delivered. And near perfect timing to 15 seconds off the 6 minutes maximum.

Update Two: You should now be able to see the video here:

“THAT lecturing has no place in the university of the 21st century.”

Third Speaker – Affirmative.

Good Afternoon,

The university of the 21st century. It must meet the needs of its most important stakeholder, its students.

And it is currently failing to do so.

Instead it is meeting the needs of what is convenient to staff members, and what is cheap, and what saves money, and what cuts down on budgets. It doesn’t meet the needs of its students and what is needed is engagement.

Lecturing does not engage with students, instead they just become passive listeners, with information by all means going in one ear. But straight out the other.

So far, all we have heard from the negating team is arguments revolving around tradition,
and what is best financially for the university,
and what is the most convenient to university staff members.

And it is clearly apparent that these arguments have been as successful as those who tried to argue against giving women the right to vote or equal rights to all races.

I am here today to say that progress is here, not tradition.

And the negating team will have you believe that it is lecturing that is what we do. No. It is eduction [that] is what we do.

Ladies and Gentlemen: The lecture is dead.

Massey University has a rich 80 year history of educating in the ways of the 20th century.
But it is now time for us, as university staff members, to educate ourselves in how to operate in the 21st. To embrace the change.

We may have the best learning environment for those who grew up in the 20th.
But do we really for the 21st?

As Associate Professor Lineham pointed out in his opening address the 20th century university, the past was about the group, educating the masses as easily and as cheaply as possible.

But the 21st century is about the student, and it is about the individual and how we can be the best for them.

To be a successful university in this modern times we need to carefully consider what students are looking for in their education.

And what are they looking for?

Our never ending series of surveys often comes up with the same series of buzz words namely:

and Innovation

I ask you what do these words really mean to us?

But most importantly where does the word lecture fit in?

It doesn’t.
And that is because sitting behind a wooden desk in a lecture hall,
which is modelled on the Colosseum of Rome,
listening to a monotonous drone,
while being actively casted for the next Pink Floyd video
has no place in the 21st century university.

Ladies and Gentlemen, we must stop using these buzz words as buzz words and we must give them clear meaning, definition and use.

Quality isn’t about hiring the best orator to put the students to sleep with.
It is about delivering the best all round package to our students.

We should carefully note that the Government has moved away from a funding model based on how many sheep we can get through the door to one where abouts the quality of education matters.

Interaction isn’t about brave students asking questions in class. It is about group discussions and group projects,
It is about building networks that will last into the workforce
and it is about developing innovative teams of people who will actually go out there into the wide world and define and change it.

Accessibility and Relevance is not about putting some content on Web-CT or Moodle.
It is about being realistic.

It is about the lecture having no place in the university of the 21st century
because it has no place in the world.

Can you hear the funeral bells?


The negating team can say all they like about:

Indigenous knowledge. But have we forgotten that indigenous cultures never had lectures. They had group discussions and tutorials. It was about interaction.

They say that young people like to work with their mentors. I completely agree. Lecturing does not do that. Lecturing makes the young people [become] the people who are being dictated to. And I can tell you now no young person likes to be told what to do.

Why is it that students complain about how their parents are lecturing them? They don’t enjoy it, do they?

I ask you if lecturing was so full and so great to the university then why is this very lecture hall, with you great lectures so empty?

If lecturing was so great, then why are lecturing halls filled with 10% of the class, while the other 90% are sitting on facebook at home?

Why do we have to have open entry? Surely if education, if lecturing was so great, our attendance rates would be 110% and people would be queuing up at the door. It is not happening because lecturing is dead.

And nothing the negating team can do will resurrect the dead lecture.

Change isn’t coming.

It has come.

We must embrace the change or we will be left behind.

We had a mention of a university being ranked 20th in the world. Where are we? We are way down, we are about 200th if not below. They’re not lecturing, they’re being interactive.

If we do not change, we will end up a relic like the Colosseum, looking beautifully stunning with our rich ivory towers but in terms of real relevance we will mean very little to the world.

Thank you.