The Parachute Diaries: Saturday Night: All You Need Is Rock

At 4pm I went back to my tent to quickly sort out some food, one of the most important things about surviving parachute is remembering to eat and drink. I saw two people faint in the mosh pits on Saturday night through getting too hot. While I was back at my tent I got a great opportunity to share a bit of my testimony with some other young people who were hanging around, even got into a bit of talking about science and how God can be unseen and in other dimensions, wickedly cool stuff.

At 4.30pm I headed off to the Palladium to see Magnify play. They were good playing a mix of old and new material, it was a bit strange not see a mosh pit for them though, I was probably one of the few people jumping to them.

Rapture Ruckus was the next band on my to see list. And for the second time this weekend he went off. I had to laugh when two girls in front of me left halfway through his set complaining that they had seen him perform last night and it was the same music (well duh! That is why you go and see band multiple times). I deliberately stayed out of the moshpit so I could save my energy for Kutless later on in the night.

And on that note can I just say that One Square Meal bars are awesome. I was scared of taking them because I thought they may upset my stomach but instead they did the opposite. The bar even explains on the outside of the wrapper how it contains probiotics to help your stomach out.

After Rapture Ruckus I went back to my tent again to sort out some rice for dinner and then rocked off to the mainstage for the night at 8.20pm. Before I could even make it to the mainstage I bumped into a friend from high school who started debating Theology with me and how his Baptist Church Youth Group didn’t like Family Force Five (who happened to be the band performing next on the mainstage) because of something insignificant that they had said at the previously nights performance (probably something about dancing and rocking for God or something).  My response was simple and blunt “look if you don’t like the band you don’t have to see the band” and with that my mate left, haha, sorry but I want to see the band not have a theology argument about the band.

Family Force Five performed a good show on the Mainstage but it was nowhere near as brilliant as the night before. They had certainly toned it down a little bit in both costume and performance. Like Rapture Ruckus I stayed a little bit back in moshpit throughout their set, and I’m glad that I did because the Circle Pits were many and massive.

Family Force Five on the mainstage, Photo Parachute Music
Family Force Five on the mainstage, Photo Parachute Music

Once Family Force Five finished I quickly moved my way through the moshpit towards the front for Kutless. In the end I worked my way up to around the 5th row.

Kutless played a really good set mixing both old and new songs and did well working with a crowd where few people seemed to know their songs. The moshpit for Kutless was intense. The push forward at the start of the set was very painful as circle pits formed behind me. By the end of the set I had moved to the left by about 10 meters just through jumping.

After Kutless had played it was time for the local Kiwi hero Dave Dobbyn to play out of the night. Dave played one of the longest sets I have seen at Parachute over 1 hour 20 minutes all up playing right up to 11.58pm when all music has to be shut off at midnight.

Dave Dobbyn connected well with the crowd playing a mix of old and new items. Th’ Dudes hit Be Mine Tonight went down really well and then Dave amped up the crowd with the final four songs: Language, Loyal, Welcome Home, before closing out the night with Slice Of Heaven, where he left the stage as 20,000+ people screamed ba ba ba ba da da, ba ba ba ba da da.

After this I headed back to my tent chatted with mates until 1am and then went to bed.