Traffic Simulation Update: Multiple Cars, Multiple Lanes

Okay, the traffic simulator project has been slow going over the past few weeks, just not been very focussed and playing with DLA and other assignments too much.

This morning/arvo I changed some of the code and layout of how cars were being generated. Now instead of a car know what road it is on it has been reversed, so each road has its own collection of cars to manage. With some changes to how the graphics are produced this now means that cars are now rendered at the same time as each road. A that allows perfect placement of cars onto roads rather than having to do a mathematically approximation. Clear as mud?


6000 Point Balanced DLA

Yes I am still making DLAs just trying to make the maths that little bit nicer, and get that all impressive performance boost.

This is a 6,000 point balanced model, it took just under 1.5 hours to generate, compared to 4+ hours for a 5,000 point unbalanced DLA on Sunday


On being ultra competitive.

I had an interesting day today.

This morning I picked up some 101 assignments to mark. While I was there another marker showed up to pick up their collection of assignments to mark. She said hello by stating
“oh look my arch nemesis from 101 is here too.”

My immediate response was “what do you mean only 101; I was in your stats classes through second and third year too.” This then led onto a discussion regarding competition and ended up with the person I was picking up the assignments from to mention that their son was contemplating studying Computer Science next year and asked me how I stayed focus when there is so much in Computer Science that can distract you a.k.a. The Internet. My response was that it was competition that keeps you focussed. One thing I cannot stand is someone else outdoing me.

In the afternoon I had a lecture, and afterwards four of us were discussing and comparing our flag assignments. I got asked how I had worked out the maths for my flag. I explained that I had been up until 2 in the morning work it out; the person who asked me had spent 20 hours on the same problem but had not worked out a solution. I quickly explained the ideas behind how I had done my solution which seemed so easy explaining it in five minutes, but simple on the surface does not mean simple in reality.

Another person had a working flag assignment but no gravity acting on it, which results in the maths only needing to work in 2D. Initially the two of us who had been trying to get the maths to work with gravity (in 3D) gave him some ribbing for not having gravity. Initially his response was that it was a special flag.. but after a few more minutes he conceded that maybe he needed to relook at his maths.

Coming out of those discussions I felt pleased that I had managed to work out the maths and others hadn’t. The competitive spirit in me pleased that I was leading the battle at the moment…