Red Dawn

The 1984 movie Red Dawn was on C4 last Sunday night.

It is the first time that I have seen it. Wikipedia makes out that it is very violent. It is clear after watching it how much our views on acceptable violence have changed in the last twenty five years. Sure there is blood and a bit of swearing, and lots of guns (it is a war movie), however it probably has less violence in it then the nightly news.

The thing that hit home about the movie was how real it was and how if the events of the movie happened today just how unprepared we would be. The movie is based on the notion of the states allied with the former USSR invading the United States, and a group of high school students go bush and then fight back. (The plot is very similar to that of tomorrow when the war began books.)

The whole idea of going bush is so foreign to so many people today, and I doubt many would be able to survive for two years on their own. I have to really wonder how many people know (or have) shot a gun, ate wild animals, or even just gone overnight in a tent before.

I know that if I was with the right people I could do okay, the only thing that I have not done is shot and eaten wild meat. However I have fired a rifle before (.22 on a range, and another (airgun I think) on a farm). And I have a fair amount of experience in the bush. But just how many others would be able to actually survive more than 48 hours? Is it time to introduce outdoor training and survival skills at schools in the same manner we teach people beach safety?