New HD Video Camera Test: Long Bay

I picked up a High Def Video Camera duty free when I came back into NZ on Saturday.

So on Sunday I took it for a test run walking from Long Bay to the Okura River and back.

The great thing about the camera is it is full 1080 HD. The bad thing is it stores the videos in AVCHD format which is near impossible to edit with free editors at the moment.

The video below has been edited in Sony Vegas Movie Studio HD Trial, it is USD $40 ($55 NZD) so I will probably buy it so I can edit movies in the future. The footage itself is pretty rushed together, I have pretty much cut each clip into 2 – 6sec chunks and put them together, it was a test of the camera rather than trying to film anything spectacular. The best thing about the video though is the penguins up at the Okura River.