News Press attacks TV Press

This is quite a good read, despite the subject matter:

It would have been hard to avoid Bobs on Bikes if you watched the news the other night, it was the lead item, and despite other years fully uncensored. I guess TV Standards have really gone out the window now.

Anyway the article that has been linked to go into this in a good amount of detail of the back story. But this is the key message.

But where many of us will have felt distinctly ill-used in being shown this item was the bit right at the end when Close Up disclosed that the woman was here to participate in porn king Steve Crow’s annual Boobs on Bikes event.

So just as with Readers and Writers Week, the Ellerslie Flower Show and a conference on mental health, during which the media quite rightly features visiting foreign luminaries, now it is perfectly normal for visiting porn stars to get on the media circuit.

Because it wasn’t just Close Up giving the porn business oxygen. Over on TV3’s Campbell Live, they were featuring Lisa Lewis, a young woman who got a teeny bit famous for agreeing to read the news topless on an obscure TV channel, and who now calls herself a porn star.

Call me a prude, but when did we stop treating commercial pornographers with suspicion, and regarding strippers and porn stars with regretful – if fascinated – pity? Suddenly they’re newsmakers as of right.

News and current affairs reporters do have to cover other events that run close to the bone for some people, like the Hero Parade, or an artwork or movie that has offended some religious faith or other.

But that’s not about money or exploitation, but, in the case of Hero, a community celebration, and in the art world, a genuine controversy. Take it or leave it.

There’s no denying porn folk – the very fact they exist in little old NZ – give us a frisson. Even if it’s a frisson of horror, that’ll lift telly news ratings every time.

And every extra piece of publicity of the event gives Steve Crow just a little more free advertising for Erotica. From a marketing perspective the man is a genius. Even if half his empire is now in liquidation.