Facebook Exodus Becoming a Raging Torrent

For months if not years now privacy groups have be moaning about Facebook, along with MySpace, Bebo, Buzz, Twitter, and anything and everything else about the internet in general.

However it is rare for the technological blog and news websites to complain. They complained about Buzz and within days Google had changed its policies giving users much more control. However, with Facebook something else is happening, there is a massive turn off in the technology community against Facebook.

On the weekend I removed all my photos, applications and personal information from Facebook. Twitter is no longer linked into it and I am no longer posting status updates. At this moment I have not yet deleted or deactivated my account. But everyday I am getting a little closer to doing so.

Articles complaining about Facebook’s new information selling regime are now stretching across the web, last week wired.com ran a number of pieces about Facebook. Now readwriteweb is running an article on how to completely delete your Facebook account – They also have a screenshot of the emotional blackmail when you try to deactivate.

The torrent is also appearing on Twitter. Nearly every post I see about Facebook is about how to delete or¬†deactivate¬†your account. Check this search on Twitter for an example (edit: search may not work, can’t link to a search on twitter).

I saw a prediction on the weekend that Facebook would be dead within 6 months – dead as in dead like MySpace, alive but on life support. At the rate people are getting angry over these latest changes the exodus of tech people could be complete within the month.

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