Wolfram Alpha’s Facebook Report

A few weeks back Lance Wiggs blogged about Wolfram Alpha’s Facebook Report tool.

Running the tool on my profile brings up some interesting results.

Firstly, posted statuses, links, and photos:

One of my goals this year has to been to reduce the amount I post on Facebook, and for the first half of this year that has been achieved. However, in recent weeks the numbers have started to increase again.

There is analysis of post frequency, word frequency, and comment frequencies. The word cloud based on this is interesting:

Friends’ relationship statuses by age:

Interesting enough, there is an expected general pattern that as the older you get there is a drift from singleness to some form of relationship. However, one should also note that the limited data that this is based off. Many people chose not to list their age and/or relationship status.

This is particularly noticeable when you break down gender by age – not surprisingly, guys are much more likely to list their age:

A nice map of my friends’ hometowns:

And probably the most interesting image, friends clustered by mutual friends:

Each cluster represents a different area of my life, and it is interesting to see how some areas are connected while others are completely isolated.

Connected clusters, going left to right:

  • Light green: NZ church friends
  • Darker green: Extended family
  • Light Orange: Friends from part-time job
  • Pale Yellow: Massey Uni friends
  • Dark Orange: Sydney church friends
  • Red: High school friends

Independent clusters:

  • Light blue: UNSW friends
  • Blue: High school job friends

Overall the report gives an interesting insight into my Facebook usage, and friend’s data. Most of the results are unsurprising. But it is still a fun geek tool to play with.