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The video that started it all (Michael Jackson – Thriller):

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Of course there are many more on YouTube

What Are We Missing?

There was a cool skit performed by two of the New Zealand America’s Cup commentators last night.

It had the two of them sitting at a table discussing the America’s Cup so far. I have paraphrased below.

What country holds the America’s Cup?

What is the main nationality on the Swiss Cup Holders boat, Alinghi?
New Zealand

Where is the America’s Cup being held?
Valencia, Spain

How many American teams are in the Cup?
One, Team Oracle BMW Racing

Who skippers the American team?
Chris Dickson, New Zealand

What is required for America’s Cup racing?
A Boat


A Team



What Are We Missing?

Quite ironically we had wind and sailing the day they aired this.

What Is The Difference Between a Sun and a Planet?

Reuters certainly don’t know.

Sun 3-D pictures help warn of solar flares

The first three-dimensional images of the Sun from a pair of spacecraft orbiting the planet were released on Monday and can begin helping scientists predict when and how hard dangerous solar storms will hit, the U.S. space agency NASA said.

Just think, this blunder has gone right around the world. Here is the same article in NZ

This the definition for planet: “Any celestial body (other than comets or satellites) that revolves around a star”

And the definition for sun: “A typical star that is the source of light and heat for the planets in the solar system”

Anyone who studied science at school would know that there is a big difference between the two. Obviously the people who work for Reuters didn’t do science at school.

Ironic Spam

Okay so I get this email from Zone Labs this morning.

Subject: Virus Alert: Trojan Storm (Trojan.Peacomm)

There has been a recent surge in email spam containing the threat known as Storm Trojan Worm (Trojan.Peacomm) which is quickly becoming the largest threat of 2007.

Severity: High Risk

When the Trojan Storm executable file is downloaded, the code installs a rootkit that disguises the malicious program. From there, the machine is remotely hijacked by a type of botnet, peer-to-peer network, only to be exploited later to steal personal data or to use the computer to post spam.

Your free ZoneAlarm Firewall will not protect you from the Trojan Storm. The only ZoneAlarm products that will protect against this worm are ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite and ZoneAlarm Antivirus.

If you upgrade to ZoneAlarm Security Suite, you will be completely protected from this harmful threat as well as other future infections. Since we are concerned about your security, we are offering our complete ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite for $39.95, a 20% savings.

Upgrade to ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite for only $39.95

ZoneAlarm Steps & Tips
– Keep antivirus & anti-spam protection updated
– Do not open any unknown emails
– Do not click on any unknown email attachments or links

This line got my attention: “…or to use the computer to post spam.”

Hold on one second, did you just spam me to warn me of a virus that sends me spam? How do I know you are not using that very virus to send this email. Hmm, conspiracy theory anyone?

Woman’s 111 call: They’ve stolen my marijuana plants

A woman who called Napier police this morning to report a burglary became so upset she broke down in tears – although the police communications officer who took the initial call couldn’t stop smiling.

The call left senior sergeant Mal Lochrie shaking his head as he explained that the woman had called to report the theft of three marijuana plants which she had growing in pots outside.

She also bitterly complained that it was the fourth year in a row someone had sneaked on to her Ahuriri property and made off with her marijuana plants.

Mr Lochrie said the woman told the communications operator she was a good person and was sick and tired of “low-lifes” stealing her things.

“The community constable is going around to see her later to have a bit of a chat,” Mr Lochrie said.


A Frog Story

This was originally printed in Hubbards Clipboard

There was once a bunch of tiny frogs, who arranged a running competition. The goal was to reach the top of a very high tower. A big crowd gathered around the tower to see the race and cheer on the contestants.

The race began …

No-one in the crowd really believed that the tiny frogs would reach the top of the tower. They shouted, “Oh, WAY to difficult!!! They will NEVER make it to the top” and “Not a chance. The tower is too high.”

The tiny frogs began collapsing, one by one except for those who, in a fresh tempo, were climbing higher and higher …

The crowd continued to yell “It is too difficult! No on will make it”

More tiny frogs got tired and gave up…
But one continued higher and higher …
This one wouldn’t give up! And he reached the top. Everyone wanted to know how this frog managed such a great feat.

His secret?
The little frog was deaf!!!

The wisdom of this story is:
Ignore the pessimism of others. It can take your dreams from you. Stay positive.

Bali Nine Executions: Inhuman, Unjust, and just plain sick

This is how Andrew Chan and Myuran Sukumaran will be executed.

Chan and Sukumaran will be taken from their cells with the minimum of warning, driven to a deserted beach or jungle clearing and shot without ceremony by a firing squad.

No one will be told in advance of the date or time of their executions.

Australian reporters have been told that the deaths of Chan and Sukumaran will be carried out by a squad of 10 men drawn from a paramilitary police unit called the Mobile Brigade.

Under strict secrecy demanded by Indonesian law, they will be told several days in advance and allowed to see close family or friends, or to make final telephone calls.

But the times and places of their execution will not be disclosed.

Decoy convoys could be used to fool relatives or the media staking out the prison on the day of execution.

Bagus Wahyono, who selects the execution squads after watching them shooting dolls, told the Sydney Morning Herald only two rifles, selected at random, will have live rounds.

The others will fire blanks to ease individual consciences.

The only other witnesses will be a religious representative, a doctor and one of the trial prosecutors.

The newspaper said Chan and Sukumaran will be dressed in white aprons with a red cross marking their hearts, and would be handcuffed to a post, tree or chair.

A hood will be drawn over the heads, and the order to fire given.

A final shot to the heart or temple may be required.

This is not an execution, it is murder. It is murder for fun. It is murder for the sake of having some target practice. It is murder, it is premeditated. It is murder because NO ONE deserves to be killed in this way. It is just sick and the international community needs to make a stand against it. Unfortunately the international community seems to have lost its legs in the past few years.

Australia Sells Out Own Citizens

Andrew Chan And Myuran Sukumaran are now facing death by firing squad in Bali. A penalty that is opposed by the Australian Government.

However, the worst thing about the sentance is that the Australian Fedral Police (A department of the Australian Government) gave the information about the drugs to the Indonesian Police. This got these Australian citizens arrested in Indonesia and facing penalties that the Australian government is against. The Fedral Police could of arrested the members of the Bali 9 when they arrived back in Australia, and they would not be putting the lives of their own citizens at risk.

The end reality is that the Australian government has put international politics before the lives and safety of its own citizens. The very citizens that elected it to government to protect themselves and their nation. Shame on you John Howard, Shame on you the government of Australia, Shame on you.

True politicians, honest leaders do not sell out their own citizens.

God and Science

People often try and use science to prove the existence of God. By using creation science or intelligent design theory these scientists try to prove God by using overwhelming statistical data. By doing this creation scientists believe that they can disprove other theories on the origin of humanity, specifically evolution.

Using science to prove God will not fully show who God is. Actually it will show very little of him. This is because if God created science then, despite what some people believe, God is not bound by science. To explain this in the context of everyday life take the example of a man building a shed. The man builds the shed, but the man is not bound inside the shed that he built.

So using this reasoning, in the beginning… God creates science and man creates a shed. Science shows God’s creation and the shed shows man’s creation. Science is an example of God’s creativity and the shed is an example of man’s creativity. However, the shed does not completely describe man’s creativity, let alone everything about the man. In the same way science does not completely describe God’s creativity, let alone everything about God.

You see in the same way the man and the shed are different, one being the direct result of the other, God and science are different. Science cannot completely describe God because God is more than just science. When we realise that God is not bound by human constraints we will begin to understand that God is the only logical explanation of how we can exist.