Brian Platt – Eleven Steps

Rating: 1/5

Brian Platt’s debut solo album can be summed up in one word: poor. The press release for Eleven Steps states that Platt is moving away from his gospel roots and tries hard to persuade you that this is a good thing. I have to disagree. Platt’s gospel work was a lot more polished and meaningful than the generic rock on offer here.

The album opens with ‘Into the Heart’ – a rock ballad that has a similar sound to Platt’s prior work with Christian band Solace, in particular their song ‘Give In’. Although the two tracks sound very similar, ‘Into the Heart’ is just nowhere near as polished, however. Track two is so poor that I won’t even mention it. The next song up, ‘Fools’, is probably the best the album has to offer, although it is a few years old now. First appearing as a demo track on a Parachute music festival compilation album some time ago, it has a sound that is the closet to Solace out of all the songs on the album. Tracks four through to seven only serve to provide us with even more examples of generic rock (did we really need any more?) with nothing particularly exciting about them. ‘You Are The One’ is a little better then the rest, however, it sounds very similar to a gospel song of the same name and I wonder if the inspiration came from that. The final four tracks are eerily similar in quality to the rest of album – poor.

Overall, as you can probably already tell, I am deeply disappointed with Platt’s solo effort. For an album that has been about three years in the making, it fails to live up to even the lowest of expectations. Platt may be trying to step away from gospel, but giving us below-par, generic rock is not the way to go about it.