Diary of an O’Week Volunteer

For an O’Week volunteer, Orientation starts the week prior to everyone else. Bronwyn Porter and Melanie Jackson, ASA’s lovely events and marketing ladyz, have been slaving all summer to plan for and organise the biggest event on the student calender. Now it is the task of the volunteers to get the show on the road.

The Week Prior
The most important part of the week prior to academic orientation (the first week of orientation before the real fun begins the week after) is the packing of 2500 Orientation bags. This year the ASA invested in some very trendy, eco-friendly and ASA branded shoulder bags for the O’Week packs. These new bags are slightly harder to pack than last year’s plastic bags and, with a record 25 plus items to put in each, the packing of the bags took longer than anticipated. The army of volunteers set to work on Thursday morning and by late Friday afternoon they had completed every bag. In total, we had close to 50 different people helping with up to 25 on the production line at a time.

The second major task for an O Week volunteer on the week prior to advertising. Posters must go up, orientation gig-guides must be delivered. As one of the volunteers learned running out of gig-guides halfway through the mailboxes of one of the hostels is quite annoying as you must go get more and then return to finish the job.

Monday 19th February
For some the Powhiri at the start of Orientation is the most important part of the entire event, for others it is an annoying inconvenience. Regardless of their personal views many volunteers were at uni at 8am on Monday to set up for the day before heading to the Powhiri. After the Powhiri many volunteers were involved in cooking sausages and getting out there and promoting the larger events of Orientation

Tuesday 20th February
Certificate of University Preparation and new College of Education students were welcomed to Massey on Tuesday. The volunteers slaved all day over the barbecue and the promo teams got out their amongst the new students encouraging them to attend events and get involved. The day ended well with members of the crew watching New Zealand stage a massive win in the cricket on the big screen at Evo.

Wednesday 21st February
“All returning science students are going to be on campus.” What! This wasn’t planned for. With only about twelve hours notice the ASA volunteers did a fantastic job of ad libbing the day. Once again the promo teams did a fantastic job. For a day done on the fly it all turned out good with many volunteers enjoying the sun outside on relaxing on couches.

Thursday 22nd February
On the scale of all things big, Thursday is massive. With all new students in the Colleges of Business, Sciences, and Humanities on campus at the same time, it is a good time for the ASA to be out there, but at the same time a logistical headache. The day ran very smoothly with the only problem being the National Bank BBQ running out of sausages. Yes, in three hours, the boys cooked 500 sausages and you lot ate them all.

Friday 23rd February
Like Wednesday, the daytime of Friday was relatively quiet and relaxed with only College of Creative Arts students on campus. There were problems with the BBQ again, this time not with a lack of sausages, but the other most important part of a hot dog, the bread, or lack of.

The first major event for Orientation kicked off at Evo on Friday night. The Bond-A-Thon aka Hostel Mingle was a huge success with over 100 new student in attendance. There we many Bonds in the crowd, and even more Bond girls with a few villains in the mix as well. The night was an excellent entree to the main events of the second week of Orientation.