Run Kid Run – This is Who We Are

Rating: 2.5/5

First thing first: punk has never been my style. It reminds me far too much of my younger sister’s crap Simple Plan and Good Charlotte CDs. So when Chris flicked me punk rockers Run Kid Run’s debut CD I was a tad concerned about what I would be listening to.

‘This is Who We Are’ opens in true punk style. We’ve Only Just Begun is a fast paced drumming and electric guitar speedfest with catchy lyrics that are sung so fast that you just have to hum along. When that ear murdering song is finished, Run Kid Run moves into Move On, which is even worse. The drumming and instruments are so loud that they drown out the vocals, all you can hear is the occasional random lyric to do with saying goodbye to memories but then vanishes off into mush with the rest of the sound.

Okay two tracks in, Run Kid Run are not making a good impression. Wake Up, Get Up is the first radio single for Run Kid Run. At least this song is bearable, it is much better mixed and you can actually hear the vocals. The rest of album improves somewhat on the start to the CD, with the exception of the second to last track Miles and States.

Once you do get through the entire album – and that is actually IF you get through it all – you will realise that it is not all bad. It certainly has its highlights, in particular the middle tracks. Which is in stark contrast to most albums where the middle tracks are just there to fill time. However at the end of the day, a shocking start to an album will not make someone want to listen to the rest. Maybe if you get a permanent marker and scratch out the first two tracks you will enjoy it more. I can only hope that you do.