Sanctus Real – We Need Each Other


Christian rockers Sanctus Real are back on the block with their fourth, and by far their best album, We Need Each Other. In this album Sanctus Real has left any experimentation behind and has done what they do best and that is to produce classic rock songs.

We Need Each Other opens with Turn On The Lights your classic rock opener which is just a simple rock song with a strong drum and guitar backing and meaningless lyrics. The album really opens lyrically on track two with the title track We Need Each Other which peaked at #1 on Billboard Hot Christian Songs chart in the States.

The six middle songs of the album all deal with various issues to do with social interactions, which are an interesting approach to take with an album, this is not your average rock album in which every song focuses around love. Black Coal looks at diamonds being on the inside, underneath of people’s dark outer. Another theme that is examined in this middle section of the album is that of healing and moving on from past wrongs in particular letting go of the past.

The last two songs of the album could not be anymore different from each other. Track nine, Half Our Lives, strips back the rock and takes on a sound similar to Jars of Clay with crisp vocals and strong lyrics creating a fantastic ballad about childhood summer-times. The last song on the album, Legacy, brings back in the loud rock producing a fantastic anthem about what we will be remembered for when we die.

We Need Each Other is by far Sanctus Real’s best work to date. Each song of the songs in the middle of the album do sound similar to each other but that is not a major complaint. The album is thought provoking lyrically and examines through song some of our biggest societal issues. If you are into Christian Rock this is not an album to pass by.