Small Parties

This Saturday New Zealand will decide its political direction for the next three years. And you are a part of this decision. Your vote counts and is as equal as everyone else’s. So make your vote good vote, make it a vote to make history.

Come Sunday morning either Labour or National will be running the country. There are two many traditional voters in New Zealand to change this. But you can change how much power they have. Both National and Labour will need to form a coalition with a smaller party so that they will have a majority in Parliament.

A student vote for either Labour or National is a waste. Both parties’ student policies are really poor compared to smaller political parties. And look at their other policies – they leave students out in the cold. Take the tax debate as an example. Labour is promising tax relief for families, and National tax relief for the rich. Most students are in neither of these situations.

A student vote should be for a smaller political party; a party that is a possible coalition partner, and a party that has a good student policy. Sure, when they are in a coalition their student policy will not be fully implemented, but neither will National or Labour’s – that is the nature of coalitions.

The more votes smaller parties get, the better. When small parties have more votes, they have more say, and this means that their policies are more likely to be implemented. Better democracy also results from more power sharing amongst the smaller political parties, as there is more debate and less controversial bills are passed.

Another option that you have when voting on Saturday is a “No Confidence” vote. This is where you vote that you have no faith in the political system and would like complete change. A no confidence vote is far superior to not voting at all. Not voting means your voice is not heard. A no confidence vote means your voice is heard, loud and clear.

Now, I am not recommending that students vote no confidence, as a vote for a small party is more likely to bring change. A vote for Labour or National is unlikely to bring change to student problems. As I have stated before, National are the bastards that got students into debt. And all Labour is doing is making it worse by forcing up fees. We need change in the student area of politics, and only the smaller parties can bring this about. Happy voting.