Student Superhereos

Are you a student of Massey University Albany? We want you! Part-time or full-time? We want you! International student or citizen? We want you! Are you a Massey University Albany Student? We want you!

That may be a cheesy take-off of a cheesy TV ad, but it is the truth. The Albany Students’ Association wants you.

This year’s student culture at Massey has been non-existent. And it is not because the ASA does not organise events. Student culture is non-existent because you the [lazy] student won’t attend the events. It is time for Massey’s superheroes in hiding to unmask themselves; these hidden superheroes need to come out of the dark shadows and kick-start student life at Massey.

You are one of these student superheroes. You may not think you are one, or even look like one, but deep down on the inside every student is a crazy lunatic with a fuse waiting to be lit. So how is that fuse lit? Some students manage to rub enough sticks together to generate their own fire, however many others rely on the jumping flames of others. In the end it comes down to you the individual student to see that your flame is lit. But I know that the majority of people reading this are apathetic, uninvolved, slime balls, who rely on the enthusiasm of other students to see that the little bit of student life at Massey is kept alive. Well here is my first challenge to you: stop being a slime ball!

Other universities have plenty of creative, crazy, controversial students. Massey Albany has none. Take Liz Shaw, a first-year politics student at Auckland University. Liz Shaw has created more controversy and chaos at Auckland in one year then Nick Mayne has created in all his years at Massey. The stunts that Liz Shaw has pulled off this year are impressive – everything from porn magazine shoots, to a massive planned tantrum on NZ idol, to controversial articles and letters in Craccum, to multiple media interviews including 20/20 and Otago’s students’ association magazine, Critic.

Where are our Liz Shaws? This is not The Incredibles movie, superheroes are not outlawed. Does Massey’s pitiful student culture need to continue in 2006? Like the past, Orientation will rock, but then will the students vanish again? The carparks may be full, but the students are nowhere to be found.

For student life to really develop at Massey, you, the student needs to become more involved. One hundred active members of the ASA, by themselves, cannot make a great student culture for the remaining 6000 tag-alongs. Each and every student needs to make an effort to build student culture at Massey.

Here is my second challenge to you: get involved. You have fun with your mates outside of campus. Why not have some fun on campus? What’s to stop us having loin cloth races, burn out comps in the gravel pits, and theme days? So far it has only been a lack of student involvement. What’s to stop you getting involved? Scared you might get some mud on your fancy jeans?

Make 2006 the year that you get off your arse and kick start Massey student culture. The ball is in your court so start shooting some baskets. Let the fun begin. Now, where did I put my loin cloth?