These are a historical selection of websites that I have been involved in the development of for various clients. Excluding this blog, I no longer do website development.

The selection below ranges from 1999 to 2012.

Albany Students’ Association Inc.

Development Period: 2007 – 2012


Design Notes:
The ASA website is run through a custom designed CMS. The website makes use of a variety of modern technologies including JQuery, Propel-ORM, and Facebook account logins.

Stalin – Revolutionary Leadership In Russia

Client: Nzoom Secondary School Web Challenge 2002

Development Period: July 2002 – August 2002

Location: Historical Mirror

Design Notes:
This site was my entry into the 2002 Nzoom Secondary School Web Challenge competition. The site was designed to be simple and user friendly using simple colours and keeping the pages detailed but uncluttered. The mirror remains here because it recieves a large number of visits from students looking for notes on this subject.

Other Website Designs

Over the years I have build many more websites, the images below shows just a sample of these.