Best Tsunami Response Comment

Can you imagine the near orgasmic state of the civil defence leaders as their pagers or cell phones went off this morning.

All over the east coast of NZ bearded men in walk shorts and long socks would have leapt to attention full of self importance, their partners would have asked them if they had time for breakfast, “no, we have an emergency” would have been the well practised reply.

Thermos’s would have been hurriedly filled, cut sandwiches would have been cobbled together and high visibility vests and hard hats donned as they walked briskly (no sense in placing ones self in danger by running) to their Lada’s.

The drive to civil defence headquarters would have been made at just over the speed limit (102km per hour), headlights would have been blazing, the radio’s would be tuned to national radio looking for updates, and thoughts of “I live for this” would fill their heads, as they arrived at headquarters they would again walk briskly up the stairs before grabbing hold of their favourite clipboard.

One can almost see the disappointment on their faces when the news came in that the approaching tidal wave was only 1 meter in height.

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New HD Video Camera Test: Long Bay

I picked up a High Def Video Camera duty free when I came back into NZ on Saturday.

So on Sunday I took it for a test run walking from Long Bay to the Okura River and back.

The great thing about the camera is it is full 1080 HD. The bad thing is it stores the videos in AVCHD format which is near impossible to edit with free editors at the moment.

The video below has been edited in Sony Vegas Movie Studio HD Trial, it is USD $40 ($55 NZD) so I will probably buy it so I can edit movies in the future. The footage itself is pretty rushed together, I have pretty much cut each clip into 2 – 6sec chunks and put them together, it was a test of the camera rather than trying to film anything spectacular. The best thing about the video though is the penguins up at the Okura River.


News Press attacks TV Press

This is quite a good read, despite the subject matter:

It would have been hard to avoid Bobs on Bikes if you watched the news the other night, it was the lead item, and despite other years fully uncensored. I guess TV Standards have really gone out the window now.

Anyway the article that has been linked to go into this in a good amount of detail of the back story. But this is the key message.

But where many of us will have felt distinctly ill-used in being shown this item was the bit right at the end when Close Up disclosed that the woman was here to participate in porn king Steve Crow’s annual Boobs on Bikes event.

So just as with Readers and Writers Week, the Ellerslie Flower Show and a conference on mental health, during which the media quite rightly features visiting foreign luminaries, now it is perfectly normal for visiting porn stars to get on the media circuit.

Because it wasn’t just Close Up giving the porn business oxygen. Over on TV3’s Campbell Live, they were featuring Lisa Lewis, a young woman who got a teeny bit famous for agreeing to read the news topless on an obscure TV channel, and who now calls herself a porn star.

Call me a prude, but when did we stop treating commercial pornographers with suspicion, and regarding strippers and porn stars with regretful – if fascinated – pity? Suddenly they’re newsmakers as of right.

News and current affairs reporters do have to cover other events that run close to the bone for some people, like the Hero Parade, or an artwork or movie that has offended some religious faith or other.

But that’s not about money or exploitation, but, in the case of Hero, a community celebration, and in the art world, a genuine controversy. Take it or leave it.

There’s no denying porn folk – the very fact they exist in little old NZ – give us a frisson. Even if it’s a frisson of horror, that’ll lift telly news ratings every time.

And every extra piece of publicity of the event gives Steve Crow just a little more free advertising for Erotica. From a marketing perspective the man is a genius. Even if half his empire is now in liquidation.

Now this is a waste of Money.

The ‘h’ debate is spreading to Auckland.

Western Bay community board chairman Bruce Kilmister is keen to change the spelling Wanganui Ave in Herne Bay. He says a poll of residents would be a good start.

Mr Kilmister says if the street has been incorrectly named for the last one hundred years, now is the time to put it right.

Auckland City mayor John Banks says he has not considered a change of spelling for Wanganui Ave but supports the poll idea.

2 thoughts on this:

a) The council which campaigned on cutting ridiculous spending is spending ridiculously.
b) Surely there are much more pressing things in the city then the spelling of a street name, that may or may not be spelt correctly.

Just leave it as it is, and stop trying to create an issue where there isn’t one.

Sydney Day One

I have safely arrived in Sydney for my visit to UNSW tomorrow.

Flight over was good, the plane before us was cancelled so we ended up with a 747 to take us over because of all the people.

Despite a few bumps leaving a very stormy Auckland everything went smoothly.

And even better I have free internet in my hotel room.