Red Bull Flugtag Sydney

Today was a stunning day in Sydney which is nice after a week of rain and the forecast of another week of rain. The perfect weather made for the perfect conditions for the running of the Red Bull Flugtag on Sydney Harbour. The effort the teams went to for 15 seconds of wet fame was extremely impressive.

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Sea World (Take One)

Sea World was the most disappointing out of the theme parks that I visited. I think this is mainly due to my age. I am way too old for Sesame Street shows and most of the wildlife I have seen in wild or other zoos before. The one exception to this is the dolphin show which was something really special.

The rides at Sea World were pretty awesome, especially the Jet Ski Rescue rollercoaster but they seemed a little out of place and would have been more awesome with the other crazy rides at Movie World.

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Gold Coast + Byron Bay (Take Three)

Earlier this week I was fortunate enough to be able to visit the Gold Coast and Byron Bay for the third time this year. It is not very common for me to go to the same place multiple times in a single year but I had some more friends come from New Zealand on holiday so I may a quick 36 hour return trip from Sydney to join them. There is so much to see and do in the Gold Coast that I could go there at least another 10 times and not get bored.

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