Perth to Geraldton Roadtrip

While we were in Perth we spent two days travelling on a quick two day road trip up the coast to Geraldton.

On the trip up we stuck to the coast and drove up Indian Ocean Drive, and we returned via Highway 1.

As the photos below show we stopped at many cool and random places and had a great time.

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Photos: A week in Perth

Last week I was in Perth for the 24th Australasian Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence

Below are photos from around Perth that were taken on the day I arrived and during the evenings.

Overall, Perth is a nice city to visit. Fremantle, in particular, is particularly beautiful. The city feels like a cross between Wanganui and Christchurch, and it was a lot quieter than Sydney.

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Photos: Sculpture by the Sea 2011

This morning I walked along the coast from Coogee to Bondi to check out Sculpture by the Sea. My idea was to do the walk early enough in the day to avoid the big crowds – as it turned out lots of other people had exactly the same idea!

However, as the photos attest, today was one of those moments when I love living in Sydney. The weather was perfect – not too hot, not too cold, and people were out and about smiling and enjoying the day.

These photos only represent a very small section of the artwork on display. In total there are over 100 exhibits and despite taking 250+ photos I still missed a lot of things.

An added bonus to my walk was seeing a Blue Tongue Lizard for the first time in the wild. I would have expected it to be hiding from all the noise but it seemed content enough to stick around and pose for me.

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Photos: Hiking Berowra Valley Regional Park

I spent today hiking from Mt Ku-ring-gai to Berowra with friends from my university. The highlight of the walk was seeing a number of lace monitors (goanna lizards) and a water dragon. At one point I almost stepped onto the top of one of the goannas as I came over a small ridge.

Overall, the day was brilliant and I am absolutely spent now as the heat really sucked energy out of me.

Unfortunately, despite the beautiful weather this will probably be the last hike I do this year as it is getting too hot in Sydney which brings out the snakes and raises the fire danger.

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Photos: Hiking Berowra to Mt Ku-ring-gai

I have just got back from a half-day hike from Berowra to Mt Ku-ring-gai. The 9.5km track took three of us 3 hours 30 minutes to complete. During that time one of my mates got managed to fall into a stream we were crossing, and then attacked by a leach, while the other grazed his knee crossing another stream. However, I managed to survive with no damage.

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Photos: Hiking Berowra Waters

I have just got back from spending the day hiking from Berowra to Cowan via Berowra Waters.

The 13km walk took five of us about seven hours to complete but that included a long lunch stop at the cafe at Berowra Waters. Overall, despite three steep climbs, the day was brilliant and the walk proved to be a good challenge without too much pain.

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