Six Days in Godzone

I have just got back from a very quick holiday in New Zealand. With the trip only lasting six days it didn’t give me time to catch up with as many people as I would have liked to have seen. However, I still did manage to see a little over 30 family and friends, including a number of members of my extended family whom I had not seen in over two years.

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Photos: Hiking Cowan to Brooklyn via Jerusalem Bay

I spent today hiking with friends on the Jerusalem Bay Track in the Ku-ring-gai Chase National Park (about 70km north of Sydney).

Despite the dire weather forecasts the day turned out to be absolutely perfect, not too cold, not too hot, and absolutely no rain. The track is only 13km long, however, it has some quite steep climbs and took us about six and a half hours to complete.

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48 Hours in Melbourne

I have just got back from a very fast weekend holiday in Melbourne.

At 7.45am on Friday I caught the daylight XPT Train from Sydney to Melbourne. I really like trains so spending over 11 hours on a train is better and cheaper than flying. Upon arriving in Melbourne I headed to the airport to meet a friend flying in from NZ to join me for the weekend. Once we had checked into our accommodation we went for a midnight stroll around the CBD.

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Photos: Vivid Sydney 2011

Tonight a group of friends from uni and I went to Vivid Sydney and had a fantastic time. Vivid Sydney is on every night for the next week and a bit at Circular Quay and The Rocks and it is well worthwhile checking out. But don’t take my words for it, instead let my photos below convince you.

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Photos: Manly to Spit Bridge Walk

Yesterday a group of us from uni walked the Manly Scenic Walk (Manly Wharf to Spit Bridge). The walk is only 9km but advertised as being between 3.5 – 4.5 hours, and somehow it managed to take a group of us 20-something year olds five hours to complete. This was mainly because we went down every side track possible and stopped at every corner to take photos. The best of my photos are below:

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Walking Sydney Town Hall to ANZAC Bridge and return

This afternoon I decided to walk across ANZAC Bridge. Almost every weekend I stretch my legs over the Sydney Harbour Bridge but today I decided it was time for a change.

Walking from Town Hall to ANZAC Bridge I got myself a little bit lost through the back streets of Pyrmont but eventually managed to find the pedestrian access to the bridge.

The bridge is a marvel. When Sydney builds something they typically do it in a way that simply takes your breathe away. I simply love the fact that all the major Sydney landmarks are easily accessible by foot it is something that other cities (hint hint Auckland) still need to learn.

Overall the walk from Town Hall across the Bridge and return took just over an hour and is about 6km. It is a decent but busy walk but is a lot less tourist crazy than the Harbour Bridge.

Below are some photos I took along the way.

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Recovering from Grub Rescue after upgrading to Ubuntu 11.04

Over the weekend I upgraded one of my computers to the new beta of Ubuntu. Upon restarting the computer I got dumped into grub-rescue with the message missing-xputs. Part of the cause of this was having Adobe CS3 installed in my dual boot with Windows 7.

When you install Adobe products a little DRM program called FlexNet gets installed into your boot sector which is also where grub resides. When grub is upgraded along with Ubuntu it flicks a warning about the FlexNet being in the sector but then continues to install. However, when you restart grub will not run and will be unable to boot your system into either Ubuntu or Windows.

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Photos: Hiking Wentworth Falls

Yesterday, I hiked Wentworth Falls and the Valley of the Waters for the second time. It is pretty quickly becoming my favourite one day Blue Mountains hiking track.

This time through we started on the Charles Darwin Walk, down the falls, then down the Slack Stairs, through Valley of Wentworth Pass, up the Empress Falls along the Overcliff Walk and then back along Charles Darwin. Finally, we caught a train to Katoomba walked down to Echo Point at sunset and ended up having dinner at a Pub before getting back into Sydney just before 11pm. A very long but awesome day.

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