Hacking Ubuntu on a Chromebook

In a few weeks time I’m going to be doing a bit of traveling for work and then a small holiday. As I will be hoping on and off planes and trains, I’m not really keen on taking my primary laptop as it is bulky and not really designed for travel.

After tossing up the pros and cons of tablets, netbooks, and ultrabooks I have bought a Acer C7 Google Chromebook and have managed to get Ubuntu 12.04 running inside a chroot environment. The whole process of getting Ubuntu installed has been much simpler than I was expecting.

For under $300 I now have basically a full lightweight system for travel on which I can watch videos, play music, edit documents, edit photos, and browse the web. While the basic Chrome OS operating system claims all these features, the reality is, it is extremely limited in what it is actually able to do.
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Bradley Manning Video

A supporters group of Bradley Manning, the US Army Intelligence Iraq War Whistle-blower, have put out a viral video detailing how ridiculous what this young man has been tried and convicted of. It’s a rather good watch.

Meanwhile within Australia, this week’s Clarke and Dawe is pretty decent.