USA/Canada Trip: Part Four – Boston


This gallery contains 39 photos.

After four days in Florida I flew to Boston for a short two day visit.

After checking into my hotel, I spent the first afternoon exploring the Public Garden, Boston Common and CBD area. Boston is one of the birthplaces of the USA and has some amazingly old churches, buildings, and markets. In particular, there was a great mix between the old and the new.

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USA/Canada Trip: Part Three – Disney World


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The third and fourth days I spent in Florida were at Disney World.

On the first day there I went to the Magic Kingdom and Hollywood Studios – until rain brought an early end to the day. On the second day I began at Hollywood Studios and then went to Epcot and back to the Magic Kingdom for the Wishes Fireworks.

The video below shows the first minute of the wishes fireworks. The whole show was amazing. Additionally, the photos that follow are from across the two days – but photos and video don’t do the two days full justice, it was such an amazing and unique place to go to.

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USA/Canada Trip: Part Two – Kennedy Space Center


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On the second day in Florida, I went to the Kennedy Space Center. It was by pure coincidence that this was exactly 45 years to the day since man first walked on the moon.

The bus tour around the launch facilities at KSC is awesome. My inner child had such a great time, including getting a photoshopped photo of me as an astronaut.

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USA/Canada Trip: Part One – Orlando


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In July I travelled to North America to attend AAAI-14. Along the way I did some sightseeing which will be blogged about in the next few posts.

The first stop was a four day visit to Orlando, Florida where I met up with a friend who used to study in Sydney.

During these four days I went to Gatorland, Florida Mall, Downtown Orlando, Kennedy Space Center and Disney World.

The photos below are from the first day of the trip which was spent exploring around the Orlando area.

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New Zealand Politics and Dirty Politics

The more that I’ve lived away from NZ the less I’ve cared about the day-to-day political scandals – also the less I’ve been involved in student politics has also contributed to this.

However, the release of Nicky Hager’s latest book, Dirty Politics, has really opened up how personal and petty NZ politics can be.

The Dim-Post has a good summary of the key issues here.

My main issues with the behaviour it has uncovered are:

  • the hacking/stealing of data from Labour party computers
  • the smears against scientists orchestrated by big tobacco PR
  • the relationship between government ministers and staff and right-wing blogs.

The NZ General Election is four weeks away. The dirt that this book has dug up could have an influence on the outcome of it. I don’t think National will lose, but their sleep walking to victory has become a lot less easy.