Central Europe Adventures 2016 – Part One: Sydney to Innsbruck, Austria

(Note: this was posted in March but backdated to February).

For the second February in a row I jetted off to Europe for a holiday. Unlike last year this trip had a little more planning and was close to twice as long. Over the month of February I visited five countries and caught up with many friends.

To get to Europe I chose to fly on Etihad, whom I have flown to Europe with twice before. However, getting to Europe this time around was slightly different to previous trips, while I could take the usual Sydney to Abu Dhabi flight I chose instead to go first to Perth and then to Abu Dhabi. This allowed me three hours to stretch my legs in Perth and reduce the length of the ultra-long haul Australia to Abu Dhabi leg of the journey.

The trip got off to a bit of a nervous start though, when my first flight, from Sydney to Perth on a Virgin Australia codeshare, was delayed by an hour due to maintenance. The trip then got worse on the flight from Perth to Abu Dhabi as I had two pre-schoolers behind me who decided to yell at each other the entire 11 hour flight. Arriving in Abu Dhabi having had almost no sleep did not make me a very happy traveller, what’s worse is that Abu Dhabi airport has not improved from previous visits and is an extremely busy airport with dirty and congested passenger facilities – from security, to a lack of seating and toilets.

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