Exploring Henry Head and Cape Banks

(Note: this was posted in February but backdated to December).

At the end of December I went with a friend to La Perouse in the south east of Sydney. From here we walked through scrub to the Henry Head Battery and Cape Banks. This is a great short (6km) walk really close to the city and we had a lot of fun exploring the old military tunnels underneath Henry Head.

Como Bridge Walk

Around Sydney there are a number of short urban walks. One such walk is the rail trail over the Como Bridge from Como to Oatley.

The walk is a train lover’s dream. The walk runs parallel to the train line for about 1.5km, and the views of the Georges River make for a very idyllic setting.

Below are some photos of the walk that I took this morning, I even scored a wave from the driver of a coal train.

Photos: Manly to Spit Bridge Walk

Walking Sydney Town Hall to ANZAC Bridge and return

This afternoon I decided to walk across ANZAC Bridge. Almost every weekend I stretch my legs over the Sydney Harbour Bridge but today I decided it was time for a change.

Walking from Town Hall to ANZAC Bridge I got myself a little bit lost through the back streets of Pyrmont but eventually managed to find the pedestrian access to the bridge.

The bridge is a marvel. When Sydney builds something they typically do it in a way that simply takes your breathe away. I simply love the fact that all the major Sydney landmarks are easily accessible by foot it is something that other cities (hint hint Auckland) still need to learn.

Overall the walk from Town Hall across the Bridge and return took just over an hour and is about 6km. It is a decent but busy walk but is a lot less tourist crazy than the Harbour Bridge.

Below are some photos I took along the way.

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What to do when you are bored.

Go for a walk!

I was bored and had no one else to go with so I headed up to Okura Bush this afternoon. After driving down the road it became apparent that there was something on so I decided to turn around and do the Long Bay to Okura River walk that is only a few ks down the road instead.

According to the ARC website the Long Bay to Okura River walkway is meant to be 6km and 3 hours return. Well I did the first 3km to the Okura River in 40 minutes. The good thing about having no one else with me meant that I could fly. I was literally running at a slow jog a bit of the way. I also picked at awesome day to go. On the way to Long Bay it looked like it could rain but instead once I got to the Okura River it actually became amazingly fine. The tide was also out so you could walk out along parts of the mud flats to get some awesome photos.