Skiing at Porters 09 (2020 Re-Edit)

On the weekend I headed to Christchurch for a short holiday. While there I went skiing at Porters Ski Area. Awesome is an understatement. It rocked. Beyond Rocked.

The road to Porters/Arthurs Pass
Looking up the right side of Porters from the base area.
Looking down from the top of T1 nice wide open slopes.

There were a few things that made Porters really special. The first was the atmosphere. Until 2007 it was a club field, and despite turning commercial it still has a really friendly feel to it. The second is the lack of people, because it has T-bars rather than chairs there are fewer people so you have more space to yourself. Finally the terrian just simply rocks. No dodging rocks or narrow runs. The beginners have plenty of space at the bottom of the field. The intermediates have some good runs down the 1km long T1 and there is expert terrain to die for. I didn’t get to go out on Big Mama because the vis was poor. But I did go down Bluff Face twice which was such an awesome experience. Would definitely rival my run down the waterfall at Turoa the other week.

The view from the top of Bluff Face
Sitting comfortably at the top of Bluff Face laughing in the face of danger.
Bluff Face as seen from the base area. 38 degree slope. Pure awesomeness.
The access road to Porters 6km of gravel. Was resonably wide and good, much shorter than the 15km Mt Hutt road