South Coast Road Trip

2013 Annual Blog Statistics

These are some stats from Google Analytics, the figures from 2012 are in brackets.

Overall in 2013 there were about 5,000 fewer visits, from 4,700 fewer visitors than in 2012. This is the third year in a row of declining visitor numbers. However, this continues to be correlated to the reduction of posts to this blog – and the change in focus to more personal adventure than just random commentary.


  • Visits: 9,458 (14,714)
  • Unique Visitors: 8,626 (13,371)
  • Page Views: 12,609 (24,504)

Visitors from came from 165 Countries. Australia, United States, New Zealand continue to hold the top three visitor locations. 64.3% of all visits came from Aus/USA/NZ/UK down 1% from 2012. Continue reading “2013 Annual Blog Statistics”

Happy 2014 – fireworks from Sydney

Happy New Year!

Midnight Fireworks

Once again I spent New Years Eve on Sydney Harbour.

This year we didn’t have tickets to any special areas, so we arrived at Bradfield Park, Milsons Point at 1.30pm and spent the afternoon basking in the beautiful sunny Sydney summer afternoon.

Getting to the harbour as early as we did scored us a seat right on the harbour’s edge, which gave great angles for photos.

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Goals for 2014

In no particular, but some sort of order:

  • Graduate and get a real job – I’ve submitted the thesis, now just waiting on the marks.
  • Continue Learning German – and go back to Germany.
  • Summit Mt Kosciusko – it has to be achieved some day soon.
  • Publish a journal article – or two.
  • Read at least ten books – including the six paperbacks I currently have unread.
  • Buy a VF Commodore – I’ve wanted a Holden since I was in my teens.
  • Keep this blog up to date – In the last few months I’ve been about three months behind on posts.