Photos: Adventures on the Hawkesbury

In late February I went with some mates up to Wisemans Ferry for a drive and a very short walk. Our original plan was continue along Wisemans Ferry Road through to the M1 but this was thwarted by a lack of time that day. Last Saturday we completed the trip by starting at the other end and travelling into Wisemans Ferry via Mooney Mooney and Peats Ridge.

Below is a set of photos from the two trips.

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Perth to Geraldton Roadtrip

While we were in Perth we spent two days travelling on a quick two day road trip up the coast to Geraldton.

On the trip up we stuck to the coast and drove up Indian Ocean Drive, and we returned via Highway 1.

As the photos below show we stopped at many cool and random places and had a great time.

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Road Trip – Photos 5 – Port Macquarie to Sydney, Roads and Beaches

The final day of our road trip was spent travelling from Port Macquarie to Sydney via a detour to Foster and Newcastle. Pretty much unless you are in your 90s, death and blind don’t visit Port Macquarie there are only two pubs and you can’t go to the beach at night. Foster and the beaches around it on the other hand appeared much more appealing and would be certainly be worthwhile investigating. The drive into Sydney is spectacular as well.

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