Deutscher Trip 2015 – Part Nine: Osnabrück

After visiting the south and east of Germany it was time to travel to the west. The train from Berlin to Osnabrück takes around three hours and mostly travels through farmland. The most exciting part was seeing the Volkswagen factory at Wolfsburg.

My friend who I was staying with in Osnabrück met me on the platform at the train station when I arrived. We then took a walk through the city back to his house. This was a lot of fun with a big suitcase and the town having lots of cobblestones. I then discovered he lived on the fourth floor of a building with no lift. Just as well the accommodation was free or I may have been tempted to give it a poor review.

As it was a Sunday when I arrived all the shops were closed. Despite this we headed out to explore the city. The first photo I took in Osnabrück was of a Stolperstein (stumbling block), despite having heard about these this was the first time I had seen one. After my friend jogged my memory of them we continued on and climbed the bell tower of the Marienkirche.

After the exhausting work of climbing a church tower, we then had a doner kebap sandwich for lunch. Our exploration of Osnabrück then continued into the late afternoon, visiting the university, finding remains of old fortifications, discovering a UK style phone booth and other interesting sculptures, before getting lost in the Bürgerpark. Finally, to round out a great day, my friend cooked Roulade for dinner.