Deutscher Trip 2015 – Part Eleven: A Morning in Bonn

After visiting Wuppertal I was meant to be spending a day in Cologne. However, my friend who was to meet me there was only available in the afternoon. As I have visited Cologne on my previous visit to Germany, I took the opportunity to travel down to Bonn for the morning.

With no map, and no real plan, I proceeded to walk around the city for a few hours. In my notebook I had written that I should visit the Old Town Hall, the Münsterplatz and the Bonner Münster, the university and the Beethoven Haus.

Arriving in drizzle just after 9am I succeeded in getting lost for an hour so. In fact I was so successful that I managed to walk past the Beethoven Haus three times before finding it. It was fortunate that I did find it though as the museum inside the Beethoven Haus was much better than the Mozart Geburtshaus that I had visited previously.

In addition to the museum I managed to tick off the other sites on my list pretty quickly. To wrap up the short visit I found the Rhine and went for a small walk along it.

University of Bonn