Central Europe Adventures 2016 – Part Sixteen: An Additional Day in Berlin

On the morning that I was due to leave Berlin I decided to stay an extra day. Although I had been in Berlin for three nights, I had only spent one afternoon in Berlin proper as I had been ill almost all the rest of my time there.

I began the day by meeting up with a friend. We went for a walk along the runway of Tempelhof Feld – an airport that has now been turned into parkland – and the surrounding suburbs.

After spending a few hours walking from Hermannplatz through Tempelhof Feld and on to Mehringdamm I returned to Mitte and found the Ritter Sport Colorful ChocoWorld. Once I had bought more chocolate than I care to admit I walked another two blocks to stare at cars that I’ll never be able to afford at Drive Volkswagen Group Forum and then onto the English Bookstore at Dussmann das KulturKaufhaus.

Continuing along Friedrichstrasse I went into Tränenpalast – a museum in the former east/west bordering crossing building. I then crossed the Spree and with my nose and google maps I attempted to find some pieces of the old Berlin Wall that I had seen from the S-Bahn as it passed by. While on my random walk of discovery I came across the “Bunker” which only as I write this I discover is actually a former WWII Air Raid Shelter. Finally after a few wrong turns and dead end streets I found the remains of the wall. It had looked more impressive from the train, but it was a fun part of exploring nevertheless.

Following on from this adventure I caught a S-Bahn across to the Zoogarten to go shopping on Kurfürstendamm and after being a big kid in the lego store I bought my mum a gift at the KaDeWe Department Store. Finally I wrapped up the day with dinner at Potsdamer Platz and found the red carpet of the Berlinale.