Central Europe Adventures 2016 – Part Seventeen: Osnabrück and Münster

After four nights in Berlin I caught the train across to Osnabrück where I have a good friend. Osnabrück is only three hours from Berlin but it felt like a very long way. About halfway through the journey I realised I had given my friend the wrong arrival time and he ended up waiting in the cold and damp of the station for an hour. Once we had dropped my bags at his place we headed out to a cafe for cake and a hot drink.

As I had previously visited Osnabrück we decided to go to the nearby town of Münster for dinner. When we arrived at Münster Hauptbahnhof we followed the crowd out of the station. Unfortunately, due to construction work, the exit from the station was on the wrong side of the city to what I was expecting. We asked at the station’s information counter if we were heading in the right direction and was told we were. We then walked 15 minutes down the road before turning around realising we were heading in the wrong direction. After we found our way around the construction we finally got on the right side of the station and found the city.

In the city itself we managed to get a little lost again but at least we knew remotely where we were. For dinner we tried to get a table at a very traditional German/Bayern restaurant but it was booked out. Instead we had burgers at the extremely popular Hans im Glück. The service here was very slow but the burgers were excellent. We then caught the train back to Osnabrück for the night.

The following morning was extremely lazy as it was raining outside – I’m told it’s standard Osnabrück weather – it’s also probably why the English decided to set up a military base there during the Cold War. My friend then cooked lunch and after that it was time to depart to Aachen to visit more friends.