Western Europe 2018 Trip – Part Ten: Porto

To wrap up this European Trip I spent the last few days in Portugal.

My first stop was Porto, and to get there from Mannheim, Germany I caught a train to Frankfurt Airport and then a flight directly to Porto. This flight was the first of two rather eventful travel events in the last few days of the trip.

During the flight, just as food was being served, the plane hit a pocket of clear sky turbulence. With very little warning the plane dropped, people screamed and items went flying. Fortunately, everyone was ok and we landed safely in Porto.

After arriving in Porto, I caught the train into the central area of Porto, found my hotel and had dinner – including a dessert disguised as a plant.

The following day I spent the morning exploring various churches and laneways, before heading across the Douro River in the afternoon for a spot of Port tasting.