Gold Coast + Byron Bay (Take Three)

Earlier this week I was fortunate enough to be able to visit the Gold Coast and Byron Bay for the third time this year. It is not very common for me to go to the same place multiple times in a single year but I had some more friends come from New Zealand on holiday so I may a quick 36 hour return trip from Sydney to join them. There is so much to see and do in the Gold Coast that I could go there at least another 10 times and not get bored.

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Photos: Wentworth Falls and the Valley of the Waters

Today I had time to spend hiking in the Blue Mountains at Wentworth Falls and the Valley of the Rivers. If you like waterfalls this is waterfall paradise. To add even more drama to the day we had a sudden rain storm come up the valley bringing massive winds and then we lost one of our party for about 15 minutes (they had walked ahead and failed to stop at a track junction).

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A Relaxing Day Out – Pindar Cave Hike

On Sunday I went with the University Outdoor’s Club on a hike to Pindar Cave in the Brisbane Water National Park just south of Gosford.

Overall the walk was not too challenging, it is 14km and we completed the hike in 5 hours 40 minutes which included three stops for morning tea, an extra long lunch, and me being smacked in the eye by a swinging tree branch. With the exception of a 100 vertical metre climb at the start of the track the route is relatively flat and easy going. The only caveat to this is in places the track is very narrow and almost overgrown which just adds to the fun.

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