Singapore Zoo and Night Safari

On my visit to Singapore I went to the Singapore Zoo and Night Safari.

As we arrived quite late in the afternoon we only had a little over two hours to quickly race around quite a large zoo. Overall the zoo was quite interesting with lots of animals that you don’t generally see in Australian zoos. However I left feeling that the zoo was a little over-hyped.

Below are some photos from the zoo.

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Three Days in Singapore

In mid-April I went up to Singapore for three days. This was my first time in Asia and the decision to visit Singapore was mainly made because of friends who live there and great airfares on Singapore Airline’s budget carrier Scoot.

The flight from Sydney to Singapore left just after midday and arrived almost an hour early around 6.30pm local time. By the time I had collected my bags, cleared immigration, and caught the MRT to my hotel it was quite late in the evening so I had an early night.

The next morning I met up with an Australian workmate who was also visiting Singapore and we explored around Little India.

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