North America Adventure: Part Two – Niagara Falls

I spent the last day in Toronto visiting Niagara Falls which is about two hours south-west of the city.

After some debate about how to get there we settled on catching the train – which is what I wanted as I love trains.

The train from Toronto was very impressive. Double deck, nice seats, and power outlets for every seat. After about an hour we had to change to a bus to complete the journey – which again was double deck and very impressive for public transport.

Arriving at Niagara Falls we were set down just outside the city. After getting slightly lost walking into the city we discovered just how tacky the city is. Think Cairns but instead of a few streets of overtly cheap and nasty stores this was the entire city.

Finally we found the falls themselves. The falls were not as large as I imagined them to be, but the volume of water made the spray lift into the air higher than the falls themselves.

Playing the role of tourist we then jumped on the Maid of the Mist boat to go into the spray at the feet of the falls. After then walking around the city a little more we returned to Toronto.