Central Europe Adventures 2016 – Part Four: Bavarian Adventures

After two and a half days in Innsbruck I caught a train back to Munich, first for a business meeting and second to spend the weekend with friends.

After my meeting had finished I had a few hours to kill while waiting for my friends to finish work. The great thing about Munich is there are so many great roads, buildings and shops to get lost in around the central city. Once my friends had finished work we went to the Hackerhaus for dinner where I had a great Sauerbraten (pot roast). We then rounded out the evening at a small hipster bar.

The following morning we headed out of Munich along the Autobahn to Regensburg. Our first stop was at the Walhalla Memorial on a hill above the Danube River just outside of Regensburg proper.

The Walhalla Memorial is a fascinatingly strange place. It was created by King Ludwig I and is modelled on the Parthenon at the Acropolis of Athens (crazy/eccentric must run in the family as Ludwig I’s grandson Ludwig II created Schloss Neuschwanstein). Inside the building are busts of many great people from Germany history.

We then headed into Regensburg and walked across the Stone Bridge into the old city. After getting lost in the maze of streets making up the old city we found the cathedral. The cathedral itself was very similar to most other cathedrals in Europe of the same age, however, most fascinating was the many strange gargoyles on the outside of the building. By this time we were getting pretty hungry so, pretending that we actually we in Athens, we sat down for lunch at a traditional Greek restaurant.

After a very long lunch we continued exploring the old city of Regensburg, after getting lost again we found the old palace, city wall, and Kepler Haus. We then headed back to the Autobahn and off to our next stop, Landshut.

We got to Landshut just before sunset and walked up the main street. As we were running out of daylight we didn’t see much of Landshut but the may street was extremely beautiful. After randomly walking down a side alley we found a medieval themed pub where we had a beer before returning to Munich for the night.

During the drive back to Munich a Germany parody of Teenage Dirtbag was played on the radio, it’s very strange.