Western Europe 2018 Trip – Part Eight: Heidelberg and the Neckar

Heidelberg is a tourist town, not just any tourist town, but one of the front cover of guidebooks, where everyone who visits Germany, visits, tourist town. It is both beautiful and overrun with tourist and associated tourist nicknacks. Because of this, the experience of Heidelberg also depends on the exact time you visit and what places in the town you visit, and this certainly extends to food. The first place we opted to eat at, we ended up walking out of, due to a lack of service. Fortunately the next restaurant was divine. 

Of course no visit to Heidelberg is complete without a visit to the Castle.

The core reason for my visit to Heidelberg, and Germany as a whole was to attend a friend’s wedding. The wedding was held at a beautiful venue, Hoher Darsberg, located in the forest above the small town of Neckarsteinach.

The following day we continued to explore some of the small towns along the Neckar river area, before basing at Mannheim for the evening.