Photos: A week in Perth

Last week I was in Perth for the 24th Australasian Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence

Below are photos from around Perth that were taken on the day I arrived and during the evenings.

Overall, Perth is a nice city to visit. Fremantle, in particular, is particularly beautiful. The city feels like a cross between Wanganui and Christchurch, and it was a lot quieter than Sydney.

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Six Days in Godzone

I have just got back from a very quick holiday in New Zealand. With the trip only lasting six days it didn’t give me time to catch up with as many people as I would have liked to have seen. However, I still did manage to see a little over 30 family and friends, including a number of members of my extended family whom I had not seen in over two years.

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48 Hours in Melbourne

I have just got back from a very fast weekend holiday in Melbourne.

At 7.45am on Friday I caught the daylight XPT Train from Sydney to Melbourne. I really like trains so spending over 11 hours on a train is better and cheaper than flying. Upon arriving in Melbourne I headed to the airport to meet a friend flying in from NZ to join me for the weekend. Once we had checked into our accommodation we went for a midnight stroll around the CBD.

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Road Trip – Photos 5 – Port Macquarie to Sydney, Roads and Beaches

The final day of our road trip was spent travelling from Port Macquarie to Sydney via a detour to Foster and Newcastle. Pretty much unless you are in your 90s, death and blind don’t visit Port Macquarie there are only two pubs and you can’t go to the beach at night. Foster and the beaches around it on the other hand appeared much more appealing and would be certainly be worthwhile investigating. The drive into Sydney is spectacular as well.

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Road Trip – Photos 3 – Stunt Driver

There are a number of live shows throughout the day at Movie World. One of the new shows is Stunt Driver in which a number of real movie stunt drivers show off their skills to a live audience. The premise of the show is the filming of a chase scene for a movie. The skill of the drivers in the show is absolutely amazing and shows you not everything you see in movies is computer generated.

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Road Trip – Photos 2 – Movie World

The first day of the road trip was spent at Warner Bros. Movie World. This was my first time at a major theme park and it was a fantastic experience. Photos from the Stunt Driver show will come in the next blog post. But here are 28 photos of other parts of the day, and this is only a very small selection of what is on offer.

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Road Trip – Photos 1 – Surfers Paradise

A friend and I have just spent the past few days on a road trip between Brisbane and Sydney. In total there are over 700 photos from the trip. I don’t have time to put them all online, but over the next few days I will be posting the best photos from each of the days.

To kick things off here are photos from my morning walk at Surfers Paradise.

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